Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God made Ruby too

After setting up, setting off, and videoing our Rube Goldberg machine ("Ruby") 120+ times, we the FBCS Physics Class of 2014 have come to several conclusions.

1. Gravity is inconsistent.
2. Momentum cannot be counted on.
3. Friction is a fickle little buzzard.
4. "Good" luck does not exist/ only "bad" luck...and luck is pagan altogether

On a more serious note, we soundly conclude that creation by time and chance is an absurd figment of a poor imagination. Even with 12 intelligent designers we struggled to bring any order to the chaos that we ourselves created. We have scratched all the hair from our hoary heads and have gnawed our fingernails down to bloody stubs...yes...the marring of our anatomy stands as a testament to our complete effort. We conclude that the order found in our universe screams of an incredibly Intelligent Designer/Creator...there is no other way. If you still find yourself doubting, simply watch our out-takes video...